Furnished Vs. Unfurnished Rentals

by Jul 22, 2022

Furnished and unfurnished rentals both have beneficial aspects depending on your situation. Furnished rentals offer the ability to move quickly when you are ready to relocate to another city or town. Unfurnished rentals require you to pack and move your own furniture but offer you the opportunity to decorate your space to your personality. Furnished rentals are a better opportunity for short-term stays, while unfurnished is a better option for families or anyone staying in a specific area longer.

At the very least, furnished apartments include the following:

  • Couch, chair, coffee table, bookcase, lamps, and sometimes a desk
  • Bed, dresser, night table
  • Dining room table and chairs
  • Bathroom mats, shower curtains, and rugs
  • Basic kitchen appliances and equipment
  • Washer and dryer

Some landlords might include all utensils, dishes, and extra linens like sheets, towels, and washcloths. Everything you might need to just move in and start our life there.

Furnished rental pros:

  • Furnished apartments are usually targeted at a specific audience. Students away at school, people who travel for business, and younger professionals. They are usually short-term rentals.
  • Move-in ready, which means no heavy lifting or trying to find a friend to help you move.
  • If you are just starting out or a student away at school, furnished rentals can save you money. A furnished rental allows you to save up for when you find furniture that you want to purchase instead of having to purchase furniture right away to fill your rental.
  • If you are only relocating for a short period of time, furnished rentals can save you moving costs for larger belongings.

Furnished rental cons:

  • It can be expensive, if you already have furniture, to pay for it to be stored.
  • Any detrimental damage done to the furnishings that are not your property can be costly.
  • The furnishings in the rental may not be your style or taste.
  • You could pay a higher rent and security deposits for a fully furnished.

Unfurnished rental pros:

  • Opportunity to stay in the rental on a longer-term basis<l/i>
  • You have your own belongings that represent your style and design choices. You can decorate your space easier to represent you.<l/i>
  • No storage fees because you can have all your furniture at your rental with you.<l/i>
  • With an unfurnished rental, landlords are less likely to visit as frequently to check for damages.<l/i>

Unfurnished rental cons:

  • Finding and paying for moving services for moving your furniture in and out.<l/i>
  • If you are just starting out, costs of furniture, decor, appliances, linens, and other household needs.<l/i>

If you have a family, especially with smaller children, an unfurnished apartment might be a better fit for you. Couples and individuals that will be in a specific area for longer periods of time will find unfurnished rentals beneficial for them as well. Before you rent, check with the landlord about which appliances he/she supplies in their rental. You can always start slow by picking up furniture to fill your new place, over time to save money. Thrift stores, garage sales, overstock furniture places, and local marketplace sellers online are all good places to look for or pick up pieces to make the space your own.

Furnished rentals, being geared more towards short-term stays, in an area closer to the amenities you are looking for can be cheaper sometimes. Furnished apartments are perfect for students who are away at school but go home between semesters. It can save on the cost of moving furniture every few months when they move back home.

Furnished is also beneficial when you might be are moving to a new area for work. It can be a temporary place to stay until you find other accommodations for more long term. Moving for work for only a few months, furnished allows you a ready place to stay without having to move all of your belongings, especially if you decide not to stay long term in the area.

There are equally good reasons to be made for renting furnished or unfurnished rentals. You have to weigh your situation and determine which option is more cost-effective and best meets the needs of you and your family. Something else to consider is the amenities you want in your new neighborhood and how long you plan to stay in a certain place.

At RC Property Group, LLC we can help you with all your rental or home buying needs. Call us today at (808)773-1415 or visit us at rcpropertygroup.com to see our “coming soon” projects and rentals. We can help you navigate your way to a new island home.

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